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6 steps to right talent

Happy2Refer's features tie each step of the hiring process
into the way you like to work

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Post jobs straight to referrer's app

Your employees can easily share and refer potential candidates via Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Linkedin & Email.

What We Do
  • Post a job and reach referrers directly on their phones
  • Referrers explore jobs and reach out to their network by sharing their unique auto-tagging message
  • Connects with WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networks
  • Your own custom-branded mobile-first referral program

  • Takes your jobs where conversations are: takes you social
  • Makes referring simple and engaging
  • 50x more effective reachout than referral emails
  • Enhances job recall and differentiates employer brand
Build a branded careers site with Happy2Refer
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Happy2Refer helps your referrers discover the best fit candidate for the job.

We love our customers and they love us too!